United Machinery Technology (OMT)


OOO OMT has a specialised Service Centre that employs highly skilled expert staff capable of undertaking necessary repairs and servicing of various mining equipment. The main areas of operation of the Service centre are:

  • 1 1 Overhaul of a wide spectrum of mining equipment both from overseas and domestic manufacturers:
  • - Shearers, including EDW-300/600, SL-500, SL-300, 1KShE, K500, etc.;
  • - Roof supports, including JOY and DBT;
  • - Roadheaders, including GPKS, KSP-33, KP-21, etc.;
  • - Loaders, including 1PNB;
  • - Electric motors of various execution, including flameproof;
  • - Armoured face conveyors, including from Halbah&Braunwith use of original spare parts and with assistance of their service engineers;
  • -Gearboxes series KPL, gearboxes and drives of AFC HB 1000/289, EKR, etc. Together with repairs, at clients’ requests, OMT can undertake an upgrade of equipment increasing technical and operating performances characteristics.
  • 2 Planned equipment repairs and maintenance, including sharer ranging arms and electric motors, drive and cutting gearboxes.
  • 3 Assembly, maintenance and servicing of shearers, roadhaders, roof supports.
  • 4 Reconditioning of electromagnetic stations for shearers and roadheaders.
  • 5 Reconditioning and servicing of hydraulic valves and roof supports and other equipment control mechanisms from OHE Mining Technology GmbH.
  • 6 Manufacture of various high pressure hoses with diameter from 10 to 51 mm with use of OHE Mining Technology GmbH fittings.
  • 7 Lining of belt conveyors pulleys with different functionswith diameter from 270 to 1200 mm using German technology.
  • 8 Reconditioning and servicing cables, including:
  • - Complete joining of two separate parts of a cable with cross-section of up to 120 sq. mm with preservation of properties and the diametrical sizes;
  • - Repair of cables with cross-section of up to 120 sq. mm;
  • - Repair of broken outer cable insulation;
  • - Cutting of cable ends for connection;
  • - Pre-repair and post-repair cable testing;
  • - Cable testing by increased voltage up to 20 kV;
  • - Detection of cable breakdown spot.
  • OMT is certified and has an Authorized Centre status for cable servicingand repair according to "Prysmian" company technology.
  • 9 Manufacture of elements of pumps and fluid couplings, including a cartridge clip of pumps 1V20 and elastic couplings for fluid coupling GPU-400.
  • 10 Equipping various mining machinery with modern control gear (in coordination with the clients’ wishes).
  • 11 Design and manufacture of different equipment according to clients’ requests. All types of repair is done using modern technologies.
  • All repaired equipment has to undergo load and functional testing with use of vibrodiagnosticsmethods. Restoration of connectorsis done by equipment and according to the technology developed by OMT experts, using modern materials. The service centre has modern equipment, allowing it to perform operations effectively and with high quality, by the skilled technicians who were trained overseas. All servicing operations of mining equipment at the mines, equipment repairused in dangerous industrial operations, are done by the Service centre on the basis of permits from Rostehnadzor of Russian Federation (Kuznetsk district). Control of maintenance and repair operation is carried out in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001 international standard.